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Reminder: Discussion Forum Launch

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Reminder: Discussion Forum Launch
by Geriatric Scholars Learning Community Team - Thursday, February 16, 2017, 3:41 PM

Topic:  Delirium in Older Adults
Facilitator:  Helen Fernandez, MD, MPH
Professor, Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Location:  This Discussion Forum may be accessed through the Mental Health course online at or direct link

Dr. Fernandez will facilitate a participant-driven discussion based on the following case which is found in the 2014 Lancet article, Delirium in Elderly PeoplePlease read the article before the Discussion Forum.  

Case:  An 83 year old recently widowed woman who lives alone is brought to her physician by her daughter for evaluation of falling, fever, shortness of breath, and poor oral intake. She has a history of diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, reflux esophagitis, and depression. She is taking metformin, enalapril, digoxin, atenolol, ranitidine, paroxetine, and lorazepam. On examination, she has a low-grade fever, poor skin turgor, dry mucous membranes, and audible wheezing and rhonchi at both lung bases. She is sleepy, withdrawn, and not cooperative with the examination. Her physician is concerned about pneumonia and increased depression. Her cognitive status is not assessed.

You will be able to ask questions and share your thoughts with Dr. Fernandez and other colleagues participating in the Discussion Forum.

Live facilitation will take place between 12:00PM to 1:00PM EST.  The Discussion Forum will remain open for all participants afterwards.

Geriatric Scholars Community Team

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