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Team Members

Randall W. Rupper, MD, MPH

Salt Lake City GRECC Connect, Dr. Rupper, AD

Dr. Rupper is the Associate Director, Clinical, GRECC, Salt Lake City VA Healthcare System, and Associate Professor (Clinical) of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Utah.  His primary research involves evaluating and intervening in clinical systems to improve the health and well-being of rural elderly patients and their caregivers.

Tiffany Volden, MD

Dr. Volden is a Geri PACT provider in the Salt Lake City VA Healthcare System and Assistant Professor (Clinical) of Internal Medicine in the Division of Geriatrics at the School of Medicine, University of Utah. In addition to providing primary care to geriatric Veterans, she also heads up the Geriatric Assessment Clinic where multidisciplinary assessments of common geriatric syndromes are provided. 

Jenni-Lyn Ladutko, PharmD

Jenni-Lyn Ladutko is currently the clinical pharmacist for the Geriatric PACT clinics, the Geriatric Assessment Clinic, and the Geriatric Med-Psych Clinic at the Salt Lake VA Medical Center.  Prior to supporting these clinics, she worked with the Pain Service at the Salt Lake VA, where she also completed a pharmacy residency.

Kathleen J. Hoenig, MS

Salt Lake City GRECC Connect Point of Contact. K. Hoenig

Ms. Hoenig has worked with SLC GRECC for several years. She has provided support for, among others: providing medication consultation for recent hospital discharged Veteran patients and worked to deliver geriatric education to primary care providers in rural locals. She also worked as a care consultant for caregivers of rural Veterans living with dementia.

POC:  801-582-1565, ext. 4770,

Highlights of modalities and implementations

The Salt Lake City VA GRECC Connects will leverage Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT) to close the quality gap and health disparities and limitation to health care specialists, and to improve quality of care for older rural Veterans. The emphasis of consultations will be on dementia care and polypharmacy.  Primarily, consultations will be held via Video on Demand (VOD) with patients in their own homes.  When necessary, consults will be conducted with patients at their local CBOCs.

Year one operation is busy setting up the necessary clinical services after which it will begin offering services in the Salt Lake City Catchment, including the St George CBOC. It is anticipated that GRECC Connect will outreach to Montana during the next phase to offer its dementia and polypharmacy services to rural Veterans receiving services in CBOCs.

·       Salt Lake City VA GRECC Connect will consult with caregivers/patients via Video on Demand (VOD) when the appropriate criteria are met:  caregiver/family/patient has email, computer, smartphone or other technology and the confidence to use these technologies. 

·       For those who have confidence in using technology, but do not have the needed equipment, a VA iPad will be issued. 

·       The CBOC telehealth technicians and CBOC providers and other staff members will play vital functions in the success of the GRECC services when consultation needs to be provided at a CBOC. 

Regional presentations

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Other related programs

“Veterans’ Cognitive Assessment and Management Program” (V-CAMP) which became a primary means of service delivery for rural Veterans with dementia, leveraging Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT)

“Proactive Telehealth Enhanced Collaborative Geriatric Care” (ProTEC) provided proactive dementia care and medication management services through CVT.

“MoCA: A Brief Assessment of Cognition: Educational Resource Video” developed and produced by the Rural Provider and Health Care Staff Training and Education Initiative (RPSTI) Program of the Salt Lake City Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center (GRECC), and the Employee Education System (EES); funded by the Office of Rural Health (ORH.)  Video link:  This video is listed in TMS for continuing education credits.

“Connecting Older Veterans (Especially Rural) to Community or Veteran Eligible Resources” (COVER to COVER or C2C) program creates a new access point for Veterans seeking VA and community services. 

Map of GRECC Connect Center and Affiliated Sites

Salt Lake City GRECC Connect site map

Salt Lake City GRECC Connect site location air view

George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

500 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City Utah 84148 (801)582-1565

Other Locations:

Elko Community Clinic (NV)

Idaho Fall Community Clinic

Ogden Community Clinic

Orem Community Clinic

Pocatello Community Clinic (ID)

Roosevelt Community Clinic

St George Community Clinic

Weber County VA Community Clinic

Western Salt Lake Community Clinic

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